Company Overview

Just four months before Black Thursday struck, ushering in what would be known as the Great Depression, a group of Missouri farmers decided to band together and form a cooperative. A cooperative that would assure them of a reliable supply of quality petroleum products at a fair price. They knew they would be stronger together than they had ever been apart.

Today is no different. Today, we are stronger still because we are stronger together.

As a farmer-owned cooperative, MFA Oil has provided energy solutions to customers for more than 85 years. We deliver high-quality propane, fuels and lubricants across a 10-state region stretching from Utah to Indiana. MFA Oil is the 8th largest propane retailer in the United States. We operate Break Time convenience stores in Missouri and Arkansas, Big O Tire retail locations in Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma, as well as Jiffy Lube service stations in mid-Missouri.

Although MFA Oil has expanded far beyond its beginnings, we have never forgotten our roots and the brave few who came together during times of upheaval to protect the rural way of life. We strive to bring the kind of service born of relationships that only a farmer-based co-op with hometown beliefs can bring. Thank you for your business and continuing to make our founders’ hopes and dreams a reality.

At MFA Oil, we are proud to work for you and will always stand with you, moving into the future…Stronger Together.

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Columbia, MO